SC Residents with Disabilities

Braille and Access Technology Survey


The Visual Impairment Program, in collaboration with the Vision Education Partnership, was recently awarded a grant to promote the use of braille and access technology throughout South Carolina. The survey is located at

It is a short survey; it should take less than 10 minutes to complete. We will use what we learn to design programs, courses, and workshops that will build increased proficiency in braille and access technology across the state.

Google to Add Captions, Improving YouTube Videos


"In the first major step toward making millions of videos on YouTube accessible to deaf and hearing-impaired people, Google unveiled new technologies on Thursday that will automatically bring text captions to many videos on the site." New York Times article.

New Student Artwork on Display


Visually impaired/blind K-12 students from across the state have their artwork on display at the State Library's Talking Book Services student art gallery. According to Pamela Davenport, Director of the Library's Talking Book Services, "The idea to display student artwork was a result of a joint venture with the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind and will promote and educate the public about artwork of blind and visually impaired students in South Carolina."

Audiopoint's New Voice Terminal Service Breaks the Silence of the Internet


Text-to-Voice Service translates Web content over telephone. Designed for visually impaired users or those with limited internet access, Voice Terminal Service (VTS) provides instant access to user-defined Internet content in real-time over ordinary landline or mobile phone. It combines Internet surfing capabilities and email access with Notifier service for anytime, anywhere functionality. Taking advantage of text-to-speech technology, subscribers can listen to and respond to email messages, surf Web, and access real-time Web content.

New Digital Talking Book Players Arrive at State Library


This past April, the National Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), a division of the Library of Congress, entered the first phase of its transition to a digital playback system, as well as releasing an upgraded version of its pilot download website. Beginning with the testing of 5,000 digital players by NLS patrons in their homes, NLS has begun to launch a full-scale production and distribution of 26,000 players per month, ensuring continued access to reading materials for more than 500,000 registered users.

Blind Midlands Author Records Memoir at SC State Library


Midlands resident Carmella Broome and the Talking Book Services (TBS) division of the SC State Library will soon be completing the recording of Ms. Broome's memoir. Carmella's Quest: Taking On College Sight Unseen is published by Red Letter Press of Columbia and was released in standard print in Feb of 2009. During the past several months, Ms. Broome has spent time reading her book aloud into the State Library's digital recording equipment so that others who are blind can enjoy it. Ms.

Braille Literacy Campaign


How many children in America are not taught to read? The answer is 90 percent if the children are blind. Most Americans are shocked to hear this statistic. And we should be. The blind read and write using Braille, so why is our educational system failing to teach Braille to so many children? Why are these children being denied the opportunities that come with a proper education? What if you could not read and write? Where would you be today?

Shelby Craig Takes Us Out to the Ballgame


Thirteen-year-old Shelby Craig is from Summerville, South Carolina, but has been to Detroit fifty-five times. She has been making the trip once or twice a year since she was six-weeks-old to visit her eye doctor, Dr. Michael Trese. A pediatric retinal specialist with Beaumont Hospital, Dr. Trese sees children from all over the world. Shelby speaks very highly of her doctor. "Knowing Dr. Trese, I don't think there isn't anyone he can't get along with."

20 New Titles Available in Free Chapter Download Program

HumanWare, the leader in assistive technologies for people with print disabilities, and digital publishing innovator ReadHowYouWant are partnering to help individuals with reading disabilities and visually impaired readers discover the book reading device and the format that best suits their preferences.