Circulating Kits

Beginning March 1st, the kits have changed. While we work at updating the descriptions and the process, please contact Rebecca Antill directly for reservations.

The SC State Library circulates six Teen Media kits, one “Skillz Toys” juggling kit, one 10,000 piece lego kit, and two makerspace-in-a-box kits to meet the needs of libraries across SC. The State Library supports SC libraries in their missions to meet the needs of their community and empower customers to become informed, enlightened library users.

Equipment pick-up, return, or delivery

Libraries are asked to pick up and return equipment when at all possible, so it is important for library staff to schedule trainings at a time when they are able to schedule pick-up and return of equipment that is convenient to them. In the event that a library needs equipment for a program and is unable to pick up the equipment, the State Library will try to schedule delivery that coincides with other consulting, training, or programs around the state. Flexibility is key.

TMSC equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, delivery of equipment by the State Library cannot be guaranteed.

Equipment Request Form

To reserve equipment for a program, please fill out this form at least 2 weeks before your program is scheduled. If you are unable to meet that deadline or have special requests, please contact Rebecca Antill.

In case the kit you want is not available, what are your 2nd and 3rd choices?
(ex: one day program, making a movie for a contest, multi-week program, etc)
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