Executive Administrative Assistant

Company Name: 
Richland Library
Columbia, SC
Job Description: 

Richland Library seeks a committed, knowledgeable professional to serve in the position of “Executive Administrative Assistant”.

Reporting to the Richland Library’s Executive Director, this individual provides professional-level administrative support of a confidential and responsive nature to the Executive Director and other members of the library system’s executive administration.

Besides the requirements listed under “Minimum Requirements”, the following are some of the important qualifications we seek in candidates for this important position:

* Excellent oral and written communication skills

* Ability to align individual contributions with strategic objectives and values

* Ability and interest in acquiring and using new skills and knowledge in changing technology as pertains to job

* Knowledge of and interest in the Library, the community, and local government; ability to exercise discretion and independent judgment with respect to administration

* Experience working with Boards, elected officials, business and community leaders. Here are some of the things you would be doing if selected for this important position:

* Coordinating with executive level management, under authority of Executive Director, to prepare agendas and gather action items for Library Board of Trustees meetings. Preparing Board packets, sending notice of meetings to Library Board, County Council liaisons, Library staff and other agencies as needed or as required in Bylaws and for FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) compliance, performing duties at Board meetings, which typically occur beyond regular hours; recording, transcribing, and editing minutes.

* Monitoring, analyzing and assessing the impact of FOIA to help ensure compliance of all Board of Trustees meetings; keeping abreast of state statutes and county ordinances governing the Library Board.

* Coordinating with the Clerk of Council and Library Trustees regarding appointment of Trustees, application process, etc. Monitoring County Council agendas for announcements of Board vacancies and other items pertinent to the Library. Coordinating with the County Administrator’s Office, Library staff and Trustees to arrange meetings (during annual budget process, etc.).

* Managing major office functions to ensure the Administrative Center operates smoothly and efficiently on a continuous basis.

* Maintaining calendars for Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Chief Customer Officer (CCO); regularly monitoring and advising them regarding schedules and appointments.

* Arranging and coordinating business and travel itineraries, and travel arrangements for Executive Director, COO, CCO, and Chief Program & Innovation Officer (CPIO), as well as for other Library staff, interviewees and visitors, as directed by the Executive Director; providing support to Project and Planning Director – Capital.

* Coordinating Board Room use with internal and external customers.

* Maintaining and updating the policies and procedures in SharePoint and preparing new and changed policies and procedures for dissemination.

* Composing and preparing routine written responses to inquiries from Library staff, Board of Trustees, County Council and customers.

* Recording, compiling, proofreading, correcting, preparing, disseminating, and filing original and transcribed letters, memoranda, reports, data, statistics, announcements, lists, speeches, etc., for the administration.

* Creating, organizing and maintaining effective and efficient filing procedures for Administration’s documents; and extracting and compiling information from them, as needed.

* Selecting and ordering office supplies and equipment using MUNIS software.

* Reconciling purchase card statements of CCO, COO, and CPIO, and Executive Director.

* Initiating requisitions through MUNIS software as appropriate.

* Applying and interpreting Library policies, procedures, and regulations.

* Maintaining, utilizing, and appropriately sharing up-to-date information on local government.

* Maintaining high level of confidentiality in all areas as appropriate.

* Coordinating the work of an Administrative Assistant or other staff and volunteers, as necessary.

* Reporting Board of Trustees’ data to Volunteer Coordinator.

Please visit out website at www.richlandlibrary.com/careers for further details


* Bachelor’s degree. (Transcripts must be provided upon hire.)

* Experience in an executive support position in the public or private sector. Significant amount of relevant experience may allow for consideration in lieu of bachelor’s.

* Specific technical training, technical skills, and administrative skills to perform tasks; typing skill with sufficient speed and accuracy as needed to perform job duties.

* Valid driver's license and good driving record.

* Ability to perform job functions.

How to Apply: 

APPLY IMMEDIATELY at https://rcpl.munisselfservice.com/employmentopportunities. No deadline is presently established for this Vacancy. Applications are being accepted now. When a deadline is determined, the deadline will be announced 24 hours in advance on the Library’s website. Please do not send your resume/cover letter separately; only materials submitted through our online system are reviewed. All applicants must submit an online employment application using our online system. In addition to the online application, you may also attach your resume and/or cover letter within the online system; but the resume and/or cover letter will not be acceptable as an alternative to completing the online application fully. (Keep in mind that if you are applying for multiple positions, you will need to submit an application for each position.)