Safety and Security Manager

Company Name: 
Richland Library
Columbia, SC
Job Description: 

Richland Library presently seeks to hire a dedicated and highly competent professional to serve in the position of “Safety and Security Manager” for the library system. Reporting to the Richland Library’s Chief Operating Officer, the individual will provide leadership and direction to the Safety and Security department, with system-wide responsibilities. In this important role, he/she will work closely with senior-level management as well as various other levels of staff, to meet the safety and security requirements, needs, and objectives.

Besides the requirements listed under “Minimum Requirements”, the following are some of the important qualifications: * Excellent oral and written communication skills. * Knowledge of the goals and objectives of the public library; ability to learn basic library organization, terminology and materials; ability and desire to align individual and departmental contributions with the Richland Library’s goals and objectives. * Ability to select, train, supervise and manage security staff; ability to support and actively promote team activities and team members within the Safety and Security department. * Ability to work well with both the public and the overall staff of the library. * Ability to work well with technical equipment, hardware, and software involved in the job; and interest in continually acquiring, implementing, and using pertinent new technical skills and knowledge. Here are some of the things you would be doing if selected for this important position: * Plan, organize, and implement security functions and procedures to protect system-wide library customers, premises, property, materials, equipment, library employees, and visitors. * Promote personal safety of all premises. * Establish/maintain positive relationship with local law enforcement agencies. * Represent Richland Library with membership in relevant groups and committees. * Train security staff, non-security staff, and others, on subjects of library security and safety best practices. * Lead and maintain, in all security staff, a pleasant, respectful, and professional demeanor for all contacts with the public, with emphasis on a positive impression of the library and its services. * Work daily with the public and staff to interpret, explain, and enforce the “Code of Conduct” to provide an atmosphere conducive to appropriate use of facilities and services of the library. * Work cooperatively and productively with managers and administration in carrying out the job and in promoting goals and objectives of the library. * Ensure continuous usage of the entrance authorization procedures, the card key systems, and other monitoring for buildings; implement and update staff identification card procedures and systems. * Coordinate all matters involving library-controlled parking and traffic; and enforce towing of unauthorized vehicles as necessary. * Conduct regular safety and security orientation for new full-time employees of Main Library; plan for effective safety/security orientation for all other employees; and reinforce/update knowledge with existing employees. * To an appropriate and limited extent, counsel staff on basic matters of law, as well as of policy and procedure, relating to safety and security matters of the library. * Recommend security and safety related policy to administration, and continually revise, update, and publicize written security/safety manuals. * Collaborate on planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating effective, current systems for security of library materials, as well as for security of equipment, property, money, staff, resources, and the public. * Investigate and analyze accidents involving customers, staff, and library property, with a goal of prevention, as well as meeting requirements relating to reporting, insurance, legal issues, etc. * Plan/implement constant patrols of entire Main Library building, secondarily emphasizing patrols of exterior premises and property; and the same to the extent appropriate with other library locations. * Maintain high levels of visibility and vigilance for security/safety purposes and positive public relations. * Investigate and record security/safety incidents daily; maintain appropriate documentation and files; analyze and respond to incident reports; and communicate in a timely manner to administration. * Plan and administer necessary preparations and procedures for closings, emergency evacuations, unusual events and situations, as well as routine problems. * Respond as necessary to fire and burglar alarms and other emergencies on a 24-hour basis at Main building and all other library locations. * Administer first aid to injured staff and customers, as well as appropriate assistance in other medical emergencies. * Coordinate security matters for all special events involving the library and its facilities and property. * Manage security staff for entire library system; prepare and implement schedules and rotations for adequate coverage; coordinate recruitment and selection; train, supervise, evaluate, and maintain performance quality; inspect security staff performance of duties during all work hours; and arrange, coordinate, and supervise appropriate back-up Security staff. * Remain knowledgeable of OSHA, ADA, Fire Department, and various other appropriate regulations; and advise management of necessary action for compliance.

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* Bachelor’s degree. Additional training specific to law enforcement strongly preferred. (Transcripts must be provided upon hire.) * At least two (2) years’ recent experience related to law-enforcement or security work. Experience must include work in administration, management, and supervision; in working with the public; and in conducting training related to safety/security. * Experience in training law enforcement or security personnel; general (non-security) staff regarding security matters; and general public on topics relevant to the safety and security field. * Valid driver’s license and good driving record; availability of dependable transportation for all hours and to all locations. * Clean criminal record and drug free. * Ability to perform job functions.

How to Apply: 

APPLY IMMEDIATELY at No deadline is presently established for this Vacancy. Applications are being accepted now. When a deadline is determined, the deadline will be announced 24 hours in advance. Please do not send your resume/cover letter separately; only materials submitted through our online system are reviewed. All applicants must submit an online employment application using our online system. In addition to the online application, you may also attach your resume and/or cover letter within the online system; but the resume and/or cover letter will not be acceptable as an alternative to completing the online application fully.