Discus Celebrates 10 Years of Growing Success

Discus - South Carolina's Virtual Library is celebrating a ten year milestone as the provider of quality online library resources to the citizens of South Carolina 24/7.
From its inception ten years ago as a South Carolina State Library initiative, the primary goal of the Discus program has been to ensure equity of access to online magazine, newspaper and encyclopedia articles for everyone in South Carolina.
Who were the movers and shakers in getting the Discus ball rolling? How was the program initially funded? How many databases were available to users during the early years? Read the full Discus Timeline (pdf) for an overview of the events that have guided and shaped South Carolina's Virtual Library.
Thanks to the ongoing efforts of media specialists and librarians across the state, Discus use has grown steadily over the years - showing strong evidence of its value as an information resource for all state citizens. The growth between the first and second year alone was a whopping 321%.  Since then, usage has shown a continuing upward trend - averaging a 13% increase annually. As Discus entered its fourth year, the State Library was proud to announce that the total number of items retrieved had passed the 10.7 million mark! By the end of the 2007/08 fiscal year, South Carolina citizens had retrieved more than 57 million items through Discus!
As part of this anniversary celebration, a documentary style video has been produced and is available at Vimeo and YouTube.
For more information about Discus – South Carolina’s Virtual Library and to read more about its 10 year celebration, visit www.scdiscus.org.