First Folio exhibit at USC's Hollings Library April 14-30, 2016

USC First Folio image

Seven years after his death in 1616, William Shakespeare’s friends compiled 36 of his plays into a book, Mr. William Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies, now known as the First Folio. Without their foresight, 18 previously unpublished works including Julius CaesarMacbeth, and The Tempest could have been lost forever.One of the few surviving copies of the First Folio is on exhibit at the Ernest F. Hollings Library at USC April 14 – 30. Accompanying the First Folio is Much Ado About Shakespeare, an exhibit of university collections fromHolinshed’s Chronicles and the Fourth Folio to 21st century adaptations.University deans, department chairs and faculty, and representatives from a number of cultural arts organizations throughout the midlands have come together to offer multiple events city-wide celebrating the arrival of the First Folio.To schedule a special tour for your class or group, please email or call 803-777-8240.