Online Book Discussion


The South Carolina State Library, Talking Book Services, invites you to participate in an online book discussion Tuesday November 27th, 10:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m. We will be discussing Three Weeks with My Brother by Nicholas Sparks, available on cassette RC 58824.

To participate, you need:

  1. Access to a computer running Microsoft Windows 98 or higher
    Internet connection.
    A sound card and speakers or headphones to hear the discussion.
    A microphone if you want to talk. (If you don’t have a microphone,you can type your comments using the text chat option.)

Please visit the South Carolina State Library’s online discussion room.  Or, go to the OPAL website,,  and scroll down to the South Carolina State Library.

The first time you enter an OPAL room, you need to download a small plug-in called Talkcom. To download this software, click the button that is labeled “Download Here”. Once the program has downloaded, click the box that says “Click here to enter in the room.” You will be asked to enter a User Name, which can be any name of your choosing. You do not need to enter a password.  We suggest you visit the South Carolina room fifteen minutes before the online event, to make sure you are able to get in the room. We look forward to seeing you online!