Richland Library’s Vision Felt Worldwide

melanie huggins richland library director

It has been a meeting of literary and innovative minds. More than 300 people from 28 counties traveled to Denmark to participate in the Next Library Festival 2015 from September 12 - 15, including Richland Library Executive Director Melanie Huggins.

Huggins was a named speaker at the event, leading an interactive session on re-imaging the use of space inside a library to provide a more interactive experience for customers. Over the years, the role of libraries has been changing and staff have been adapting to offer additional resources, such as job training for adults, support for children with reading difficulties and a recording booth for teen musicians.

The Next Library Festival honored Huggins for her ideas and forward-thinking. Her name was added to the Wall of Inspiration during the International Opening of Dokk1, a new library in the City of Aarhus, which coincided with the four-day festival. The intention of Dokk1 was to offer a cutting-edge, learning atmosphere that also acted as a quiet retreat for customers to think.

“It’s a bit overwhelming and humbling,” said Huggins, who is getting ready to kick off construction at 11 locations throughout Richland County. It starts September 21 with a wall-breaking ceremony at Richland Library North Main, but Huggins has her eyes set on the future. “I feel Richland County is ready to embark on something new and exciting,” said Huggins. “All the parts and pieces are coming together.”

The pieces are part of a bigger picture, Richland Library’s mission - to provide experiences that help people learn, create and share. The main objective is improving the quality of life for everyone who interacts with Richland Library.

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