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Richland Library plans to assist customers with FEMA applications during its normal hours of operation.  Initially, the FEMA assistance will be available at Richland Library Main (1431 Assembly Street). The plan is for other Richland Library locations, in the most impacted areas, to offer this assistance in the coming weeks.  

As many Richland County residents work to get back on their feet, Richland Library's top priority is providing resources and to have face-to-face interactions with people who have been displaced or suffered material loss. During normal hours of operation, Richland Library will have staff designated to assist customers as they navigate through the FEMA application process. The library will offer customers:

  • Designated FEMA Assistance Areas
  • Richland Library Staff assistance with FEMA application preparation
  • Access to Technical Support (Fax machines, printers, scanners)
  • Provision of research and resource materials

"I commend Richland County Libraries for offering assistance to local residents applying for FEMA assistance," Congressman Jim Clyburn said. "In this state of "smiling faces, beautiful places," we are also some resilient people and are stronger when we work together."

"Everyday libraries provide customers with access to information that improves their lives. And during this time when so many in our community are working to restore and reestablish themselves, it is even more important that Richland Library assist them in navigating through, what for many of them, is uncharted territory," said Melanie Huggins, Richland Library Director.  "With knowledgeable and skilled staff and technical support, Richland Library is an ideal location to help make the process of applying for assistance easier for our customers and we stand ready to support our community."

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